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About Us

Bhagavathy Interiors, is an interior company which focuses on design, supply and installation of interior solutions. The imported products we offer are well known for their endurance and beauty. We have taken the privilege of bringing a few of our esteemed products to your kind notice for which we are currently the authorized dealers Bhagavathy Traders at Madurai. We believe in creating interiors.

Dream an Interiors and we shall built it for you. Create your own Interiors according to your design, taking into consideration the space available and your budget, and we shall do the rest. Apart from free and speedy installation we also offer surveys, designs and after sale service.

Everything you need for an Interior is available from: False Ceiling, Painting, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Tiles, Grouting, and Window screens, Wooden floors Specialized in Modular Kitchens and Baths.

Engineering or architectural constraints aren’t an issue, either. No matter what the room layout or the design problem, whether opting for a luxury bathing paradise or a humble powder room and Kitchen. The incredible wide range of sizes, colors, surface finishes and combinations offer plenty of scope for everyone to put together the bathroom of their dreams-and find their individual, personal style.

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